Dreams of Studying Abroad

I have had my eye on a Study Abroad program for next spring quarter, going to Florence, Italy for a full quarter. I had done some research online and found that it’s about $7k, which is a lot to acquire while only working 1-2 days a week and still needing to pay bills. However, there are options for scholarships, grants, and so on, to help reach the financial goal, which I am certainly banking on, pun intended.

However, upon further observation of a flier I found today, that whopping $7,000 does not include the flight fare, the $250 deposit fee, nor a meal plan, which is an extra $495.

Having a great deal of experience flying over to that part of the world, I know that an extremely optimistic price on flights, if I flew out of Canada instead of Seattle, would be about $900, but more likely in the $1,100-$1,300 range.

So my fantasy of studying abroad for a quarter, at least at this time, from this location, is looking closer to the $9k mark, and whereas the earlier assumed price was difficult to reach at such an early point, but not impossible, I am almost certain that the knew price mark is actually, for realsies, out of reach.

Those are some dashed dreams. I am going to schedule a meeting with the head of the Study Abroad program here at Whatcom and talk to him about my options, which is advised for each person wanting to engage in these offers.

However, having said that, there will be other opportunities once I get into University. But will I be more financially stable at that point? Who knows, but I would have more time to save up, if nothing else.

Though the bonus of doing this now instead of once I get into a University is the glossy, exciting look on the resume, of the well-rounded traveler, capable of skills in French, aiding to her learning of Italian in her efforts to fully grasp and appreciate her own native language, English…of some flouncy, flowery wording.

This is just a set back, which is not to worry. If it should happen, if it is meant to happen, then it will be so, and I will work hard for it. I want to be impressive one day, and where there is a Will, there is a way!


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