Prepping Right

I think I basically did everything I needed to in order to do well on the test – I reviewed prior to it, I kept up with my homework, I participated in class, I ate a protein-rich breakfast low in gluten (personal preference, aids with not feeling sluggish), I listened to classical music before hand, I ate chocolate before hand, and I double checked all my answers – a habit I am having a hard time adjusting to. 

Just before I handed in my test, when I was struggling with some negatives (bane of my existence, those negatives), I realized first of all that I wasn’t subtracting a negative from a negative, it was  a positive being subtracted from a negative, which of course changed the game. Also – working with negatives was something from previous math courses, I should know it, which means I am 100% allowed to do that work on the calculator. 

Of course, I didn’t do all the work on it, I just double checked my answers on it. After all, I’m not going to learn how to function with negatives if I have to rely on the calculator to do all the hard work. 

Though, let’s see how well my ego holds up when I get the test score back. There have been a great many a time when I have felt pretty good about a test only to have it handed back to me with a nice fat F on it. I don’t think I’m that off the mark, though I won’t get my hopes too high. 

If nothing else, this was practice for getting in the proper preparation grove. I should be able to make this a habit. Even if I don’t know the material as well as I would like, at least my brain will be prepared to function to its fullest, which is a pretty hefty start. 

What tips have you found effective when studying for tests?


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