Error in Judgement

I hate myself some times.

I know – I know – positive thoughts and all that. This is coming from the girl that doesn’t believe in saying “FML” because it promotes too much negativity and can alter one’s reality and/or preception of reality.

But seriously. I really, sometimes truly hate myself – want to kick myself upside the head with kleets and tear off my eyelids so I can open my God Damn vision.

I have just spent the last half an hour working myself into a frustration of a headache – my head is pounding, no matter how much water I chug, and I am all out of almonds. The last half an hour has been spent on math problem number 55 – which reads:

Solve: 0.50x + 0.2(18-x) = 5.4

I have been stuck on this problem forever. My head is pounding, my eyes hurt from staring at it – I hate  this math problem.

Over and over I kept getting x=0.6

How was this happening????? The answer in the back of hte book says 6! How am I getting a tenth of that, no matter how many different ways I do it???

I finally moved on, finished the rest of the homework, and came back to it. Usually I erase all the work I’ve done and start afresh. Not this time. I wanted to compare it. Magically – I was bestowed the wisedome that allowed me to accurately calculate that x does in face = 6. What on earth was I doing wrong?

I looked back – and here’s where the Kleet part comes in.

I didn’t ad 0.5x +0.2x. I was added 5 and 2. You see the difference right? So my answer wasn’t a decimal, it was a fraction.

THESE ARE THE STUPID THINGS I KEEP DOING!!!! And I haven’t the faintest idea as to how to get over doing them! How do I train my eye not to see what I want to see opposed to what is there?

know that I make these mistakes, that I do these little careless things. I have really been hard on myself to get into the habit of double and tripple checking my work. Yet, they keep happening.

Any ideas? I am genuinely asking how I can stop putting myself in these head-splitting positions.


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