What? Research to be a Joournalist?

The end of today will complete day 9 of my new life as an adult, community college student. The sun is out, and all I can say is thank goodness.

I am really enjoying my journalism class, even though my teacher does have a tendency to be long winded, though if I were in her position, I would probably do the same. I like to talk a lot, especially when I’m nervous, and talking in front of people has a tendency of doing that to me. Hell – writing in front of people tends to do that to me. I have long entries – and you have no idea how much I actually cut out before I hit Publish.

I have been really working hard to get into the journalistic frame of mind, get curious, look for answers. I am a person that likes articles that prove my point, but I have a pretty short attention span, so I usually won’t read too much past the first couple of paragraphs. I’ve been forcing myself to read more, read all to the end, and see if my questions are answered by the end of it. If they aren’t then I look for other articles.

A good example is the Clive Bundy thing. I am still looking this one up, but as far as I can understand, he was grazing his cattle on federal land, and they began charging fees in 1993. He didn’t want to pay the fees, and so after 20 years, there’s a stand-off going on. That’s the simplified version. I had a friend explain it to me because I couldn’t find any articles that were a)earlier than current, as in, explaining the beginning of the situation, or b) expressing bias to one side of another. I did find a wikipedia entry about it, and from that I found that the plot of land was claimed by the federal government in the mid to late 1800’s, and after which, the Bundy family began farming on it. 

My friend explained to me that they had been grazing their cattle there for however long, and Clive was upset that he all of a sudden was being charged a fee to use what he’s always been able to use. From what my friend was saying, the land completely surrounds his land, which is why he’s putting up such a fuss, because there’s no where else to take his cattle. 

I haven’t had the chance to check this further, but it’s what I’ve found out. 

Before, I wouldn’t even bother reading any further into it – just a conservative and his cows shooting guns. It all seems very unwelcoming and uninteresting to this dreaded hippie – and I have some dear, very conservative friends that feel pretty passionately about it. However, when one of my more liberal friends began spouting support, I began wondering what I was missing. 

That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But if two extremely different sides are pulling support for the same thing, it niggles at the curiosity strings just a little bit, doesn’t it?

Anyway, my way of thinking is changing, and I know it’s for the better, I know it’s going to help me as a student and as a writer, and in just understanding the world better.

The first part of my adult life, all the way until recently, I have been engaging myself in learning to feel, to learn about the Universe and the Self through meditation, energetic vibrations, and all the things considered spiritual. I based a lot of what I was understanding from articles on how they felt – which isn’t a bad thing. It’s good practice. But now it’s time to exercise my brain again, exercise my logic as well as my ability to sense. 

The combination should help me to be a well-rounded individual.


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