Accidentally Offensive

A very quick note before I head to class:
I did something, which I don’t know exactly what it is, to upset someone. I literally have no inkling as to what it possibly could have been. This person sent me a message on Facebook, out of the blue, saying all sorts of things, then blocked me.
The only thing I can possibly thing of that I might have done to upset this person, might have been in Friday’s blog post. I was writing a satyrical piece, laughing at my own silliness over a math problem. Though, in exclamation, I thing I said something along the lines of “it’s God Damn Friday!”
Please know, I am terrible with holidays – absolutely horrible. I have no brain for them. I sincerely forgot that it was Good Friday. I want to apologize if this offended anyone, this was not my intent. I usually forget days of the week, never mind holidays.
I should hope that if some one offends another, the offended one will give the offender a chance to understand what they have done so they can correct it for the future.


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