Further than the Eye Can See

I finally got up my nerve to go into the Study Abroad office and ask some questions. As – luck? fate? drat-it-all? – would have it, the gentleman I needed to talk to was out of town for the day, but the lady at the desk gave me some information. Essentially, I’ve got some homework to do.

She gave me a check list of things I need to do before I attempt to talk with the gent I need to talk to, one of which is to find out all I can about the Study Abroad program itself, which is fine, I don’t mind going in knowledgable.

However, she did say something else that was of interest – I don’t have to do one of the group things. As it stands, they offer a group trip to Florence for 2015 Spring Quarter, I think Costa Rica is for Winter Quarter, and so on. These are essentailly pre-determined schedules that I would be signing up for if I went. But she said that if I wanted to go somewhere else, do my own thing, make my own curriculum – I was ablt to do that.

I would of course chose France, and I’d try for Fall quarter of 2015 instead of the Spring Quarter. It would give me more room to get some money together, and in that time I’ll have taken a few French classes as well, which would also allow me to attempt to study French literature while I was in France, thus adding to my degree.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

But, getting ahead of myself, first things first is finding the funding for it all. I think I should be alright. I looked a little bit more into scholarships that I can get, grants that I qualify for, and FAFSA too.

When your mind is made up, the Universe conspires to make it happen – or however that quote goes.


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