As Dull As the Printed Ink

My enjoyment of Journalism is quickly dimming. I am surprised that it didn’t catch on sooner. It’s the formatting my writing thing – the very reason I didn’t want to get into journalism to begin with – it’s finally getting me down.

No flamboyant wording! No creative expression! We write the facts, and we write it one way and one way only!

Where is the fun in that?

I know where the fun is – the fun is in finding the story, the adventure of seeking the details before anyone else can, and getting what no one else can, and breaking it to the world first. That’s where the fun is.

But for someone wanting to be a writer – that’s merely a perk. It’s not for the passion of the written word…is it?

I got my lowest grade on an assignment today. 82.5%. Thankfully we can do a re-write at the end of the quarter, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid I won’t be able to format myself before then. I feel like I’m in a cartoon, and journalism is trying to stuff my creativity into this tiny little box. Right now is just training as to how to write. It must be the inverted pyramid. It must  have at least 4 out of the 5 W’s in the Lede – but don’t you dare let that sentence run on!

This sounds silly. I sound silly. There’s a whole mess of silliness in my winging about this class. This is what I knew it would be.

I think I signed up for this class hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t be this way, that it was just vague set of rules that had been mentioned to us in high school – much like essays. In high school we were taught they had to be very structured – This is your introduction paragraph where you use the words “In this essay, _________________ will be discussed” and point out the way it shall be discussed and so on. In college they don’t want that – thank God too! I wouldn’t be in school if that were the case.

Well, I need to suck it up. After all, this is why I took the class – to give me a different perspective of writing, to learn a different style, and learn new ways to approach things, and for the experience. This is part of it.

I can do this, I just need to do more homework – well, I need to read more news papers so that I can get a better feel of the way articles worked. I thought I had been doing well with that. I read the Associated Press website every morning, and I buy a news paper once a week and read most of the articles in it, whether they interest me or not.

There’s worse things. I could be in a biology class having to memorize the different ruffles of a bacteria…or something…

I am grateful for the opportunity to be in school, and that I live in a world where I can go to school for what I want to go to school for instead of having someone dictate it for me (I’ve been watching Mad Men – wow).  I just sometimes need to remind myself of that.



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