Getting Back Up On the Horse

How to Write A  Good News Paper Article

While my teacher might be the cause of my failing luster for my journalism class, I have decided that I will be getting back up, finding out just how to get my A from other sources.

Part of my discouragement came from receiving my lowest grade yet, and not really understanding why I got this grade. Granted, it’s not a bad grade, it’s just not an A. It’s the low end of a B, possibly a B-, I lose track of the percentage-to-grades. She wrote notes all over my article, which is fine, I just didn’t agree with them. That’s where the whole creativity thing comes in.

But I must remember that this isn’t a creative class, this is a report-the-facts class. Though some interpretation comes into play, such as who dictates what is the more important information in the story, and how to organize it so that it flowers nicely.

While my teacher is nice, and I do giggle a few times at her rambles – she does just that – ramblesIt’s distracting and adds a lot of words to very easy concepts to grasp, and causes me to be confused. I don’t want to approach her too much about it purely because I don’t want to come across as criticizing.

My solution then is – terribly simple and obvious – be a student and do my homework. I don’t mean the homework that she assigns, but the extra stuff. Go out on my own and figure out exactly what I need to be writing and honing in on.

So, I would like to share with you the first comprehensible bit of information I have come across, and I will share more to come as I come across it. I want to be helpful to other aspiring journalists who may or may not be in the same position as I am.


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