Butter Coffee

I’ve been hearing a lot about butter coffee, and at first was for the most part under the pretense that it was just a marketing ploy for Bulletproof coffee. However, I started reading reviews of folks whose grand parents used to partake in butter coffee, of people in Tibet who dream butter from yak milk, so I looked further into it.

I found a lot of links specifically referring to the Bulletproof Coffee, but then finally found something from Dr. Andrew Weil, whose nutritional expertise I respect. He said that while he still advocates for his anti inflammatory diet, he didn’t see too much wrong with it, and to experiment with it.

After that, I decided to give it a go.

The goal is to have good quality, grass-fed, organic butter, and good quality organic coffee (though I tried very hard to make sure it was fair trade and practices as well).

All the recipes I found said to make it with a blender, but I can’t deal with the idea of having to clean a blender every time I want to make a cup of coffee, so I got myself a hand-held milk frother, which seemed to do the trick pretty well.

I gathered my courage, staring at the frothy coffee, knowing full well there was a tablespoon of butter in there. I sipped it. Hot! I sipped it again, waiting for the bitterness of the coffee to sink in, since I neglected to put any sugar in, as I usually do. There was no bitterness. In fact, it was rather tasty.

I was quite pleased! I made myself another one before I left for school this morning, putting it in my 16 ounce container, adjusting the proportions accordingly. This was my second coffee of the day, and generally, the coffee container keeps it so hot for so long, my sips are few and far between.

It did the trick. It kept my hunger away, and I felt fairly mentally functional through the day.

However, I did forget to take into consideration my difficulty processing heavy dairy. This is why I can only rarely have actual ice cream, or a milkshake, and I stay away from home-made macaroni, since it’s just too rich. Apparently, so was the second cup of butter coffee, with  two tablespoons of butter.

Mid way through my school day I began feeling uncomfortably sick. It was the mixture of the feeling I normally get after consuming rich dairy products combined with the gnawing of the coffee on an empty stomach. It was horrendous.

How are the long term effects of drinking butter coffee? I have no idea, I won’t be repeating the experiment again. But I can honestly say that it is tasty.


You know You’re a student when…

You neglect your blog that you started to be a better student and help other students because of all your student work. 

I have been eye-ball deep in an essay for my English class, which is surprisingly intense. The whole premise of it is based along the idea that the world does not exist as we perceive it, and that we all create our myth and live in it, and deny evidence that it might not be true. The myth is meant to be a core belief we hold, a principle which rules over our everyday interaction, the judgements and decisions we make, and so on. What’s more, we are meant to come up with three things which prove our myth correct in our eyes. It’s not terribly difficult so far – aside from tying it in with the readint we’ve been doing. 

However, The next part of the essay is to destroy our myth. Our job is to pick it apart, and bring in three supporting details for why this myth is incorrect, it is just an assumption that we have made concrete within ourselves. It’s interesting, and I think that it is meant to inspire growth for the students, and I think it is amazing the message he’s trying to bring about. But it’s going to be a painful process for a lot of students, especially for those that are religious, for those that are still in high school. 

I generally keep my head ducked down for class, however, I seem to have gained some attention, and have three classmates asking for my help. One who was gone for an accumulative month of the quarter from being sick, another who just never shows up to class, and another who tries really hard, but is just having a hard time getting her head around the concepts. 

I love helping these people out, it helps me understand the assignment better, and it gives me practice as a tutor, which I have decided I’d like to volunteer to do in the writing center. Seeing how well I can handle helping these three ladies out – especially so close to the due date of the paper (due tonight!) is interesting. I’m enjoying it so far, I think. 

“Moop” goes the broken “Meep”

Sad Face. 

My boyfriend left this morning for his exciting and big adventure, touring around with Thrill Kill Kult as their roadie. He won’t be back for five weeks. I may have gotten a little misty-eyed when I saw him off through security at the airport. He’s kind of my go-to person for everything, and when my go-to person isn’t there and I don’t have my regular hugs – what do I do?

The good news is that it will help me be less distracted with school and work, and I won’t feel guilty going to bed at 9 every night. But even so, it’s going to be a very long five weeks. 

Below the desired belt line

It’s been a while! I got busy and neglected my blog! I know, I’m terrible! 

A lot of my time recently has been spending time with my boyfriend who’s about to leave to go touring with Thrill Kill Kult as their roadie, and will be gone for five weeks. It’s going to be a long five weeks.

Part of that is snagging whatever opportunities I can get for a date night, which unfortunately fell on a Thursday night, the day before a quiz in my Math class. We decided to hit up a drive in theater – the dying breed of awesome. I’d never been before, and it was an hour drive to get to, but it was a pretty neat est-up. They had go-karts and an arcade to encourage people to arrive early. Totally worked. 

We had a triple feature – for only $6.50 I might add!!!! – and each bought a personal pizza for $5 and shared a HUGE bucket of popcorn for $6. That was kind of awesomely amazing. Sadly, we only made it through two of the movies, which took us to 2 in the morning, which meant that we didnt get home until 3 in the morning. I had to get up four hours later to leave for school and take the quiz. 

I got the lowest score I have gotten out of any of my classes so far on that quiz. I was ashamed, so say the least. I was so disappointed in myself! However, many of my good study practices have been slipping. I have stopped listening to classical music while I study, I stopped eating breakfast before school – never mind health breakfasts – I stopped going over previous lessons before class starts to get my head in the game – and I didn’t even bother studying the night before because I didn’t know what the quiz was on. How bad is that??

Though, in my defense, the quiz was on Friday, today is Tuesday, the day after a three-day-weekend, and we have a proper test in the same class. When she was talking about the quiz she would often start talking about the test, and visa-versa. So I didn’t know what was mean for just the quiz vs. what was going on the test. Though, of course, the proper thing to do would have been to just study for the test on Thursday night and have all my bases covered…but you know, date night!

Thankfully, she has a policy which allows the two lowest test/quiz scores to be dropped. 

An the time is nye. Wish me luck on my test!

I Am Doing Well

I am doing well. No seriously, I actually am, and it shocks me a little.

I am filled with excitement and optimism, though it could be the coffee. I feel the need to gloat but really I’m just afraid it’s a fluke and my ego might get in the way.

Instead, perhaps not a gloat, but an illustration of how my classes are going as I’ve observed from my external sources.

Math: I received my lowest quiz score yet, and was mad at myself since it was a take-home quiz and I didn’t have the sense to check my work. It was a 91%. The second take-home quiz was graded and handed back with my second lowest score – a 95%. Thankfully, she said she will drop our two lowest test scores, though I don’t know if that’s exams or quizzes or either or. Though, either way, I am averaging a 96% in the class. I don’t like even numbers. I require a 97% or higher.

Journalism: My lowest grade on anything is a B, though my tests and quizzes have given me nothing lower than an A. My teacher seems to like me, which is nice, and trusts me with her class keys (ok, once, she gave them to me when she saw me half an hour before class and told me to open because she thought shew as going to be late), and chit-chats with me outside of class when she sees me. I require an A, though I think I will only get a B. The silver lining is that I am motivated to do extra work and research in order to get that A.

English: My essay yielded full marks, and my class grade is a full 100%. My teacher told me my paper was brilliant. A classmate was out of class for a few days and very sick and sent a group email to a couple other classmates, our teacher, and me, asking for notes on what she had missed. I wrote a poorly-typed response, but again, my teacher told me it was brilliant, and proceeded to forward it to the entire class. Today in class he told everyone to make sure they read my summery. I went beet red.
I don’t trust my A in English. I feel like my paper was a fluke that I understood the material, and this entirely class is a fluke since I have explored many of these concepts on my own before, and spent a great deal of time in contemplation of these ideas. We’re explore what Reality is, what the Universe actually means, individual perception and the like. I was doing this and preaching this years ago. My English teacher and I are on the same page in many ways, and because of this, I think I am doing well. It makes me worried that I will get cocky for the next English class, and that I will fall from my very highly placed Ego perch.

Why am I doing well? Because each class is inspiring me to do better, do more. In each class I see places for improvement, areas where I can work harder. School has almost become a game to me – how high can I get my score?

However I chose to see it, at the end of the day, I am doing well.

The Sparkle of the Goal

I’m beginning to see the light. I’m beginning to regain some confidence that I can get into the college I want to get into, in the UK.

Well, I don’t have a set one, but I know that if I am able to aim high enough and meet the requirements for there, then anything else should be willing to accept me as well (in theory). 

I have recently been in contact with University College of London. I don’t want to live in London, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a really really goo school, and if I can manage to get my way into there, then there won’t be many other schools in the country I shouldn’t be able to get into. However, they have a great English department, and rank second in all the UK. For some reason my focus has been there – still not quite sure why. 

At first I got an automated response telling me where I could find my answers on the web site, then the other day I received an actual real response from a real person, telling me they would need my qualifications and the like. I won’t lie, this intimidated me, since currently my qualifications are nill – or might as well be any way – and I read they want an SAT score of 1900 something??? Since when did SAT scores get that high???

I looked up what my SAT score was in terms of good scores and the like – and it was below average, which really upset me, since that’s not how I recall being ranked in my standardized testing! Thankfully, I was talking to my boss about it yesterday who was telling me about how she was in a similar situation when she was my age with the addition of producing two kids along the way (through her schooling – rockstar woman!) and she told me that the SAT testing changes all the time, so what is considered a good score is different all the time. Now my goal is to try and find out just what my 2005 SAT score equates to in current terms. 

I’ve been looking into ways to volunteer to beef up my resume and college applications, and I just have not been able to figure out a good place to do so. I talked to my boss about volunteering on the goat farm, which of course she was thrilled about. It will help my cheese sales to know more of the ins and outs of everything, but will give me some unpaid training should she need some extra help for the future. However, other than life experience, this volunteering doesn’t have too terribly much to do with my degree, so it might just go unnoticed. 

Though – and I don’t know why it didn’t hit me sooner – there is the tutoring center at the college. A writing center even, where I can volunteer my time tutoring in writing. This will certainly give me some added credit. I am pretty excited to get into that one, though I might have to wait until next quarter, since I need a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and I’d like to prove that I can write more than just one quality paper before I start asking for such favors. 

I’m also going to be joining the writing club at the school as well. Thankfull, the Universe is shining down on me, and this is one of the few clubs that doesn’t have silly hours, like 5:30 on a Wednesday or whatever. This is actually just after my English class finishes on Fridays. 

So, with all this in mind, should I be able to keep my grades up, I think I just might be able to get into the University College of London. 


It’s been all over everywhere – “The Gluten Myth” – many people smug at those that have been preaching the ways of anti-gluten for a couple of years now as the possible “fad” has taken hold. Those that have been preaching are clinging to their claims that it works, that they are gluten intolerant –

Who cares?

People put so much energy into proving every one else wrong and themselves right and it just seems wasted to me. Everyone is on their own personal journey of discovery, and that includes what goes on in their own bodies. If some one gives up gluten and finds it effective in helping them lose weight, feel more energetic, and reintroduces it and feels more lethargic – then let them not eat gluten! It works for them. Every one’s body is a unique, functioning differently than the person next to them. Different metabolic rates, different abilities to process things, different priorities to the liver, different skin tones, different growth rates of hair, different digestive processes – different everything.

So why must people berate others for the personal choices they make when it doesn’t harm the rest?

Stop being haters. Let others make the discoveries they will make for themselves. Don’t be smug, don’t be judgmental. It’s not your path to walk.

Likewise, people on the gluten free thing – don’t preach. You can say your results and say that it works for you, that’s fine if it comes up in conversation. But bragging is not pretty on any one.

Live and let live. It’s far too much energy to be a hater, so just don’t.

Chill, Winston