How to Be a Journalist Student

How to Be a Journalist Student

here’s another very helpful link that is helping inspire me to do well in my Journalism Class. I really appreciate #10 – Know the Rules So You Can Break Them – and they are talking about writing rules. Music to my ears!

Cover Your Tracks (Cure Tribute) – Fascination Street

A belated Think Piece Thursday Post – but worth posting non the less!
We have been working with a very talented Matt Taggart with many of the musical projects he is involved in. While most of our work is with his phenomenal band, Galapagos, he has recently found himself in a cover band by the name of Cover Your Tracks. This band picks a different artist/band each months, masters them and performs.
The month of April was The Cure.
Without further adue, I present Cover Your Track’s rendition of The Cure’s Fascination Street, filmed and edited by Toby Tackett of Think Piece Productions and special thanks to Doug Cassidy for extra camera work.

Procrastination Part II

Alright, lesson learned: stick to the routine.

My usual routine is as follows:

  • Go to bed at 9pm
  • Get up between 5 and 6 am
  • Get on the bus at 7:55
  • Arrive at school at 9:10
  • Review math
  • Math class at 9:30
  • Finish math at 10:20
  • Do math homework
  • Go to Journalism at 11/English at 11:30, depending on the day
  • Finish Journalism at 1:30/English at 1, depending on the day
  • Finish any remaining homework from any of the classes
  • Go home
  • Do home stuff
  • Go to bed.

However, this week I have found myself deviating from the routine. First it was putting off my English and journalism homework for the sun and out of sheer fed-up-arm-flap. Then in a desperate need to catch up, I neglected my math homework to study for a vocabulary test in my journalism class.

I couldn’t continue with my math after class because I still had to play catch-up and quickly read a chapter from a book in the student library that I was supposed to get done two days ago before dashing off to do an interview assignment that I should have had done two days ago.

By the time the interview was done, it was time to catch the bus and do home things, which entirely distracted me from the necessities of doing my math homework and studying for the quiz today (have you met Lily the Sunflower?).

In an effort to force myself to be responsible, I skipped making dinner for my boy imageboyfriend and myself and stare at the pages with sentences of numbers that were fairly insistent that Aliens do not in fact wear hats, and that whether or not they have heads as we would recognize them is entirely debatable. At 10 I gave up and said “Screw it! I’m going to bed!”

Of course that didn’t happen either. I needed to get some more work done on the posters for the Galaxy Far Away Fest. I spent 45 minutes making some minor changes before finally calling it a night.

The night may have been a wash, but Friday was a whole new day, and I would rise bright and shiny and be ready to review all my math over the last week and a half and finish my homework all in one foul swoop.

Did I mention that the house we’re living in has only had us as occupants since September? It’s true, which means we’ve only really experienced the freezing cold of the winter. The last couple of days here have been hot! Mid to high 70’s hot. What we failed to realize is that the heat would rise in our house, thus making our bedroom extremely hot.

Did you also know that most of our windows are painted shut? This is something we plan on remedying, but we want to make sure our landlord will allow it first.

So I laid there, sweltering in the heat of the room, tossing and turning, trying to find the cool side of the pillow which kept disappearing as soon as I thought I had it.

At long last I found myself asleep, and the only reason I knew I had been asleep was because I was waking up to my very intrusive alarm. Though I was pretty sure I was doing my homework in my sleep, and I thought it quite rude for my alarm to correct me.

I couldn’t get myself out of bed before 7. It just wasn’t happening. What is it that’s being said? Straight from the land of Nope?

So, here I am, at school, ten minutes before my math class, having scribbled some homework down on the bus ride north, having failed to touch my homework – which, by the way, I understood perfectly in class yesterday though couldn’t make heads nor tails of this morning.

What did we learn?

Stick to the routine. It works, I learn things better, nothing is a mad dash, and it works.