Dope, Nicola

I think that about wraps up my love of school. I have officially gotten just a little bit behind and I can’t seem to find the motivation to pick back up.

I have a “second draft” of my paper due for English – except the fact that it should be my final draft, though the people in the English class thought the last second draft was the first draft, and were shocked when he actually wanted a final draft this week (I’m not sure how I’m one of the few that was aware that we should be on our final draft by now).

However, being extremely fed up with my paper, thinking that I took it in a direction I didn’t meant to take it, I’m scrapping the whole thing and starting anew.

Not entirely sure if I was able to do that, I wrote an email to my professor, explaining that I was starting a new paper, and that I was hoping to have a draft of it finished by the time the second draft was due (this morning) and so on.

My professor’s scholarly response:

Dope, Nicola

Literally. That, plus signing his name was the entire response. Not letting me know that it would be fine, not saying that I might get docked points for not having three drafts of the new paper, but simply, dope.

I was annoyed by it when I got the email, though when I told my boyfriend about it, it was so maddeningly infuriating I couldn’t stop laughing about it. It was that or cry. So I opted for laughter.

Today I managed to get up at 5:30 am, which is astonishing considering I couldn’t sleep worth a damn last night. I kept getting out of bed thinking it was time to get up, then going back to bed as when I realized it was still dark out. But here I am, awake, and ready to get as much of this paper finished as possible.

It’s gunna be Dope.


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