Exceeding the Pages

So I have an essay that I should actually be on my final draft for that’s due tomorrow for my English class. However, I decided at the end of last week that I wasn’t entirely happy with the topic I chose. The assignment was to take something that we see and write about it anamorphically, meaning, writing about it so that the thing takes on a different meaning. The examples used are writings from Slovoj Zeizek, who writes about the guy who was the sign language translator for the deaf community at Nelson Mandela’s funeral that wasn’t actually using sign language (he said that the act was actually not there for the deaf community, but for the rest of us to feel good about including the deaf community), and how at the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon the EU played Ode to Joy, which is a worldly classical sophisticated song (though he makes the point that perhaps the song is meant to be a mockery of high society…well, much more in depth than that).

Initially I took on the concept of a weed and intertwined it with a message about homelessness in the US, then talked about how the things we condemn as weeds are actually generally medicinal, such as bramble, dandelions, plantain, and so on. I went on to list some really successful people that had a stint in homelessness, and found other successful people that experienced mental disabilities. The point I was trying to make was comparing the homeless community to weeds, that while people might think ill of them or think down on their state of being, everyone has undiscovered potential, and they haven’t found themselves in an environment which gives enough support for that potential to be realized. A dandelion is just a flower that grows everywhere until you try to apply its milk to a wound, make tea from it’s leaves and roots, which which case it yields useful properties.

However, I didn’t know how to conclude the paper. I felt like I was telling the reader that I was going to teach them how to make them a cake, give them a list of ingredients and list why they should make the cake, but not actually give them instructions to do so.

So I scrapped the whole thing. It was six pages. The assignment is 5 pages.

Instead I took on a new assignment entirely, something I have a greater passion for. It is requiring a lot more research and while I can certainly link it back to the point of anamorphosis, I don’t know how to get the Zizek examples in, which is a necessity for the grading process.

However, so far my paper is 9 pages, and I haven’t applied the double spacing yet, and I am showing no sign of stopping. I’m pretty certain I’m going to write a book out of this. My essay will instead be a summery of the book to be, though I can’t guarantee that I can get it down to five pages.

I’m so far loving doing all the research for it, writing all my notes, and being so intently involved in this as I am. I’m not certain I’m ready to release the information into the world yet as to what my topic is, but when I do, it’ll most likely be on here, with a link following to a kickstarter campaign to fund the project 🙂


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