Keeping Your Friends Around

I got in a discussion the other day with someone about friends. I was basically going on a rant about the raising of minimum wage – or rather, telling him about how I went on a rant on Facebook, and what set it off was all these ridiculous memes people were posting about how “burger-flippers” didn’t deserve it. It just sends me right off – though I won’t get into it here.

While telling this someone about my feeling on it all, I nearly said, “I should just delete these people!” though shopped myself after “I should just -“. I know what it’s like being deleted for an opinion, and I know it’s all just Facebook and cyber social wars and the like, nothing real, but the fact is that I want to be valued for the components that make me me. 

My someone went on to say that yeah, I should delete them. Why be friends with someone that has such different views from me? I was actually a little offended by this.

It got me thinking – why would you want to have friends that are just like you? After all, I always say that the beauty of the rainbow is all the colors working together to create the colorful being that it is.

Then I began considering the friendly process, how one becomes friends. Usually you meet by whatever means, they say something you like, you say something they like, and you begin saying more things to each other. Usually, more often than not, it’s because that person is entertaining, or has done something nice for you. Either way, you find some quality in their character that you like, and you build on that. As you get to know them, that quality generally intensifies while you learn more about them, which develops into a friendship.

I have some friends that are vastly different than myself, but I spent time getting to know them for one reason or another, and I hang out with them because they’re entertaining, they’re fun, they provide a different view for me, and so on. I have a friend that I met at a biker festival that we were filming at, who is very very very far to the right wing of things, and I am very very far to the left wing of things. However, I care about him and I am happy to know him because he is a kind person, and I enjoyed my experience at the festival getting to know him and form that friendship.

I think the most important thing about having diverse friends is that it helps you to grow. It helps you to see different view points and understand different ways of living, existing and thinking, taking on different skills and so on, and helps our evolution as a whole.

Celebrate diversity.
Respect others’ rights to live and be who they are.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Friends Around

  1. I agree! I have very few friends who share my views and I see it as a mutually beneficial exercise for all of us. It forces to us think about WHY we we presume ourselves to have the superior view on any controversial subject. And every once in awhile, if we’re willing to be open minded, one of us sometimes changes our mind and adopts a new view


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