Work Source Hoops

I was – yet again – randomly selected for a job search review from Unemployment. Even though I am working selling goat cheese at the farmer’s market, it’s still only 8 hour a week, so I have to trudge forth with my applications.

I was completely unprepared. My day was to drive to school, take a test and as soon as I got out of my Journalism class, book it 45 minutes down the free way to get into Skagit County to my appointment on time. I managed with time to spare. Of course, when I got there I realized that I didn’t have my resume. So I had to fill out a job application sheet with a dull little mini pencil.

I wasn’t sure what the purpose of the exercise was other than to see how well my handwriting held up against the odds. I’m pretty certain it failed. Pencil and I don’t get along too terribly well when the pencil is shorter than my thumb and dull as a rock.

The lady was very nice, and we had a nice chit chat – a completely different experience than my first review. She said that I was meant to go to some class at Work Source, printed out a list of them and high-lighted the ones that I was eligible for – all of which were either at 8:30 or 1:30, in Skagit county, three hours long and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the only days that I have class that runs until 1:30.

Though in the end she changed her mind, saying that she didn’t think that I needed it, since I was very personable and should do well in interviews and had a strong resume, and I already had a part-time job.

In theory, I shouldn’t get randomly selected again if I chose to go to the Whatcom County Work Sources, and register as such, which she said I was more than welcome to do, since Bow is about in the middle between the two. So I need to find out how to do that so I can have just a little less stress on my plate.

The hoops continue.



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