It’s been all over everywhere – “The Gluten Myth” – many people smug at those that have been preaching the ways of anti-gluten for a couple of years now as the possible “fad” has taken hold. Those that have been preaching are clinging to their claims that it works, that they are gluten intolerant –

Who cares?

People put so much energy into proving every one else wrong and themselves right and it just seems wasted to me. Everyone is on their own personal journey of discovery, and that includes what goes on in their own bodies. If some one gives up gluten and finds it effective in helping them lose weight, feel more energetic, and reintroduces it and feels more lethargic – then let them not eat gluten! It works for them. Every one’s body is a unique, functioning differently than the person next to them. Different metabolic rates, different abilities to process things, different priorities to the liver, different skin tones, different growth rates of hair, different digestive processes – different everything.

So why must people berateĀ others for the personal choices they make when it doesn’t harm the rest?

Stop being haters. Let others make the discoveries they will make for themselves. Don’t be smug, don’t be judgmental. It’s not your path to walk.

Likewise, people on the gluten free thing – don’t preach. You can say your results and say that it works for you, that’s fine if it comes up in conversation. But bragging is not pretty on any one.

Live and let live. It’s far too much energy to be a hater, so just don’t.

Chill, Winston


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