The Sparkle of the Goal

I’m beginning to see the light. I’m beginning to regain some confidence that I can get into the college I want to get into, in the UK.

Well, I don’t have a set one, but I know that if I am able to aim high enough and meet the requirements for there, then anything else should be willing to accept me as well (in theory). 

I have recently been in contact with University College of London. I don’t want to live in London, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a really really goo school, and if I can manage to get my way into there, then there won’t be many other schools in the country I shouldn’t be able to get into. However, they have a great English department, and rank second in all the UK. For some reason my focus has been there – still not quite sure why. 

At first I got an automated response telling me where I could find my answers on the web site, then the other day I received an actual real response from a real person, telling me they would need my qualifications and the like. I won’t lie, this intimidated me, since currently my qualifications are nill – or might as well be any way – and I read they want an SAT score of 1900 something??? Since when did SAT scores get that high???

I looked up what my SAT score was in terms of good scores and the like – and it was below average, which really upset me, since that’s not how I recall being ranked in my standardized testing! Thankfully, I was talking to my boss about it yesterday who was telling me about how she was in a similar situation when she was my age with the addition of producing two kids along the way (through her schooling – rockstar woman!) and she told me that the SAT testing changes all the time, so what is considered a good score is different all the time. Now my goal is to try and find out just what my 2005 SAT score equates to in current terms. 

I’ve been looking into ways to volunteer to beef up my resume and college applications, and I just have not been able to figure out a good place to do so. I talked to my boss about volunteering on the goat farm, which of course she was thrilled about. It will help my cheese sales to know more of the ins and outs of everything, but will give me some unpaid training should she need some extra help for the future. However, other than life experience, this volunteering doesn’t have too terribly much to do with my degree, so it might just go unnoticed. 

Though – and I don’t know why it didn’t hit me sooner – there is the tutoring center at the college. A writing center even, where I can volunteer my time tutoring in writing. This will certainly give me some added credit. I am pretty excited to get into that one, though I might have to wait until next quarter, since I need a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and I’d like to prove that I can write more than just one quality paper before I start asking for such favors. 

I’m also going to be joining the writing club at the school as well. Thankfull, the Universe is shining down on me, and this is one of the few clubs that doesn’t have silly hours, like 5:30 on a Wednesday or whatever. This is actually just after my English class finishes on Fridays. 

So, with all this in mind, should I be able to keep my grades up, I think I just might be able to get into the University College of London. 


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