Below the desired belt line

It’s been a while! I got busy and neglected my blog! I know, I’m terrible! 

A lot of my time recently has been spending time with my boyfriend who’s about to leave to go touring with Thrill Kill Kult as their roadie, and will be gone for five weeks. It’s going to be a long five weeks.

Part of that is snagging whatever opportunities I can get for a date night, which unfortunately fell on a Thursday night, the day before a quiz in my Math class. We decided to hit up a drive in theater – the dying breed of awesome. I’d never been before, and it was an hour drive to get to, but it was a pretty neat est-up. They had go-karts and an arcade to encourage people to arrive early. Totally worked. 

We had a triple feature – for only $6.50 I might add!!!! – and each bought a personal pizza for $5 and shared a HUGE bucket of popcorn for $6. That was kind of awesomely amazing. Sadly, we only made it through two of the movies, which took us to 2 in the morning, which meant that we didnt get home until 3 in the morning. I had to get up four hours later to leave for school and take the quiz. 

I got the lowest score I have gotten out of any of my classes so far on that quiz. I was ashamed, so say the least. I was so disappointed in myself! However, many of my good study practices have been slipping. I have stopped listening to classical music while I study, I stopped eating breakfast before school – never mind health breakfasts – I stopped going over previous lessons before class starts to get my head in the game – and I didn’t even bother studying the night before because I didn’t know what the quiz was on. How bad is that??

Though, in my defense, the quiz was on Friday, today is Tuesday, the day after a three-day-weekend, and we have a proper test in the same class. When she was talking about the quiz she would often start talking about the test, and visa-versa. So I didn’t know what was mean for just the quiz vs. what was going on the test. Though, of course, the proper thing to do would have been to just study for the test on Thursday night and have all my bases covered…but you know, date night!

Thankfully, she has a policy which allows the two lowest test/quiz scores to be dropped. 

An the time is nye. Wish me luck on my test!


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