Butter Coffee

I’ve been hearing a lot about butter coffee, and at first was for the most part under the pretense that it was just a marketing ploy for Bulletproof coffee. However, I started reading reviews of folks whose grand parents used to partake in butter coffee, of people in Tibet who dream butter from yak milk, so I looked further into it.

I found a lot of links specifically referring to the Bulletproof Coffee, but then finally found something from Dr. Andrew Weil, whose nutritional expertise I respect. He said that while he still advocates for his anti inflammatory diet, he didn’t see too much wrong with it, and to experiment with it.

After that, I decided to give it a go.

The goal is to have good quality, grass-fed, organic butter, and good quality organic coffee (though I tried very hard to make sure it was fair trade and practices as well).

All the recipes I found said to make it with a blender, but I can’t deal with the idea of having to clean a blender every time I want to make a cup of coffee, so I got myself a hand-held milk frother, which seemed to do the trick pretty well.

I gathered my courage, staring at the frothy coffee, knowing full well there was a tablespoon of butter in there. I sipped it. Hot! I sipped it again, waiting for the bitterness of the coffee to sink in, since I neglected to put any sugar in, as I usually do. There was no bitterness. In fact, it was rather tasty.

I was quite pleased! I made myself another one before I left for school this morning, putting it in my 16 ounce container, adjusting the proportions accordingly. This was my second coffee of the day, and generally, the coffee container keeps it so hot for so long, my sips are few and far between.

It did the trick. It kept my hunger away, and I felt fairly mentally functional through the day.

However, I did forget to take into consideration my difficulty processing heavy dairy. This is why I can only rarely have actual ice cream, or a milkshake, and I stay away from home-made macaroni, since it’s just too rich. Apparently, so was the second cup of butter coffee, with  two tablespoons of butter.

Mid way through my school day I began feeling uncomfortably sick. It was the mixture of the feeling I normally get after consuming rich dairy products combined with the gnawing of the coffee on an empty stomach. It was horrendous.

How are the long term effects of drinking butter coffee? I have no idea, I won’t be repeating the experiment again. But I can honestly say that it is tasty.


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