You know You’re a student when…

You neglect your blog that you started to be a better student and help other students because of all your student work. 

I have been eye-ball deep in an essay for my English class, which is surprisingly intense. The whole premise of it is based along the idea that the world does not exist as we perceive it, and that we all create our myth and live in it, and deny evidence that it might not be true. The myth is meant to be a core belief we hold, a principle which rules over our everyday interaction, the judgements and decisions we make, and so on. What’s more, we are meant to come up with three things which prove our myth correct in our eyes. It’s not terribly difficult so far – aside from tying it in with the readint we’ve been doing. 

However, The next part of the essay is to destroy our myth. Our job is to pick it apart, and bring in three supporting details for why this myth is incorrect, it is just an assumption that we have made concrete within ourselves. It’s interesting, and I think that it is meant to inspire growth for the students, and I think it is amazing the message he’s trying to bring about. But it’s going to be a painful process for a lot of students, especially for those that are religious, for those that are still in high school. 

I generally keep my head ducked down for class, however, I seem to have gained some attention, and have three classmates asking for my help. One who was gone for an accumulative month of the quarter from being sick, another who just never shows up to class, and another who tries really hard, but is just having a hard time getting her head around the concepts. 

I love helping these people out, it helps me understand the assignment better, and it gives me practice as a tutor, which I have decided I’d like to volunteer to do in the writing center. Seeing how well I can handle helping these three ladies out – especially so close to the due date of the paper (due tonight!) is interesting. I’m enjoying it so far, I think. 


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