Keep Pushing

It’s all ab out change for me as of late, I suppose. First completely swapping from a workaholic to a schoolaholic (I know, how brown-nosy do I sound), then lopping off my dreads. The uncharacteristic decisions seem to keep on flowing because today I went jogging.

At first it was strange. Something in my mind seemed perplex, like it hadn’t gotten the memo that it was jogging time. I kept wondering why I was in a rush, and had this optimistic annoying sporty cartoon in my head convincing my brain that it wanted to do this, while my brain didn’t quite seem to grasp the concept. Meanwhile my body just sighed and replied that it just does what it’s told, and would these two entities please make their minds up as to what it should be doing.

The whole adventure was a three-mile round trip, though I did manage to jog the fist half a mile before reverting to walking for quite some time, then jogging another third of a mile, then walking, and again for another eighth of a mile. I know that’s more walking than jogging, but considering I haven’t jogged probably since PE in high school some ten years ago, I’m not at all disappointed with myself.

I have new shoes in which to jog, a hefty new bra which is more than necessary, and some workout pants. I even earned myself a blister from not wearing socks (I know, I know! But I was afraid that if I put socks on my brain and body would go into shock and begin wondering if there had been some form of cosmic dimensional shift before throwing me into one of the trenches lining the road in a crazed act of rebellion against the body-snatchers. Yes, me wearing socks is that serious.)

I know I’m out of shape, hence the want for jogging or something, but with my lungs hurting this much, and beginning to hurt so quickly, it was a little shocking. I began making mental plans to make myself a garlic syrup to help strengthen them.

My first stint of jogging was from my house to Chuckanut dr. My next goal is to be able to jog all the way to Bowhill rd, and then all the way to Capricorn Lane, and then of course to be able to jog the whole round trip before extending it further. However, even if I don’t run to begin with, I will make it a goal to trace the full three miles, and to do it before I go anywhere in the morning as well.

Ha! We’ll see how well I do in 9 hours when I’m attempting this again, or at least, supposed to be attempting this.



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