Second Attempt Failed

While a persistent cough followed me through the rest of the evening after my jog last evening, I was feeling pretty good. Sure my calves have been feeling pretty rough, and these blisters are a little bit more than concerning, I genuinely was looking forward to this morning’s repeat.

However, lack of sleep did not allow it.

I woke when my roommate was playing video games loudly across the hall. Our house doesn’t mute sound too well, so she might has well have been playing in my room. This was at 3:45. About that time, a continuing rumble began. It of course was the train going by. Except that apparently the trains never stop during the night. Every time I thought I was dozing off, I could hear the horn going off. I was sleeping with the window open because it was just too warm not to.

As a result, I slept through my 5am alarm. And my 7am alarm. In fact, I didn’t actually make it out of bed until 7:30.

However, if tonight runs on time, and the show doesn’t keep me out too late (I’m filing The Trees, a Rush tribute band at an Oso benefit show this evening – solo! Which I’ve never done), I might go for another attempt when I get home. However, it’s a little less than likely.

One day, it will be part of my routine.


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