Summer Quarter Classes

Just about to complete my first quarter of being an Adult College Student. It’s crazy how quickly that went! I feel as though I waiting longer than the quarter just to start my first class! However, it’s only two and a half weeks away from the finish date. I have so far found that I look forward to class more than I do my weekends, which aren’t really weekends, they’re just the work days. But I enjoy school more.

With the spring quarter coming to a close a very short two weeks away, summer quarter class registration has begun, and I have just signed up for my classes!

Much to my surprise, I opted for the same English teacher again and signed up for is 102 class (I’m mostly looking forward to having a class without as many excitable Running Start students, delightful as they may be). One of my classmates called it an Englosophy class, since it’s truly a Philosophy under the guise of an English class. I always told myself I never would take a philosophy class, purely because I was afraid I would like it so much I would make that my direction of pursuit, which is just no good for any one really. However, this allows me to dance with the trail of philosophy while still satisfying my need for English.

On to Math 98, which is just fine. My 97 teacher has been wonderful, and I’m sad that the other class she teaches is I think Math 145, or somewhere thereabouts. However, I have had many good recommendations for other math teachers, so hopefully this class will be as nourishing as the one I’m currently in.

Then, to satisfy the requirement, I’m in Introduction to Communications. It’s not something I really want to explore too much – that is my sister’s area of expertise – but it is required for my English Transfer degree, and who knows, perhaps I’ll like it.

Today I learned that my Journalism teacher stocks all her students online, and knew all about my blog! I’ll have to be more mindful of what I say on here. I have come enjoy that class, purely because I think I like listening to her talk. But Journalism is hard, it’s very restrictive of the writing, and you have to have some gumption, which I’m still trying to discover if I have or not. While there are certain areas of Journalism that I think I would like to explore, I don’t think my curiosity is enough to travel along further down that path – at least for the time being. You never know how life goes.



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