Never Did Like Sundays

Not a very good start to the day.

While my new roommate still gets used to the paper thinness of the walls of house, it is I that suffers for the learning experience. I keep getting woken up by her phone, alarm, video games, and so on. It’s not her fault, I don’t think she realizes just how well sound travels in this house. 

I told myself I would get up at 5 this morning so I could go jogging before work. While forgetting to set my alarm, I did manage to wake up at 5 on the dot and get up. I even was good and gathered all my laundry and shoved a load in – all the necessary stuff like my work clothes, underwear and all my bra’s. 

I couldn’t muster the energy to go jogging. I guess I’m an evening jogger, if you can consider me a jogger after one attempt. So I made some coffee before jumping into the shower. 

I went to swap over the laundry and get it dried – I had just enough time for it to run before I had to leave for work. 

Except the drier decided it didn’t want to work. Doesn’t want to work. Still haven’t gotten the damn thing going. 

So here I sit, in my towel, completely uncertain as to what clothes to wear to work since everything is very dirty or not work appropriate. Never mind that I haven’t any bra’s – and those are essential for me. 

Not a very good start to the morning.


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