The Beginning of Finals

I’ve been saying for a couple weeks now how lucky I am that I don’t have to stress too much about finals. Then today hit, and I realized that I have part one of my Math final and my journalism final – of which I have very little grasp of.

The last week has been a whirlwind of anxiety attacks and being overrun by pure fear – for many different reasons, though school not being one of them, except for today. Today has been surprisingly nerve-wracking. I partly wonder if it’s because I’ve become accustomed to the anxiety that I’ve been experiencing, and now that the direction of what was causing it has been soothed, I’m still producing the brain chemicals causing me to panic, but directing them at school (and justly so). Either way, nerve wracking.

I just finished Part 1 of 2 of my Math Final – and for the first time this quarter I did not feel confident going in for the test. It was just on the stuff we learned in the first part of the quarter – really easy stuff. However, it’s been a whole half a quarter since I’ve thought about any of it, and found myself confusing my rules.

Thankfully, she allowed us an index card for notes. Many of my classmates filled theirs, but as I went through my notes, I realized it wasn’t so much as not knowing how to do the problems, it was keeping in mind where I’ve stumbled in the past.

With this in mind, after going over my tests in the past, I wrote down little reminders to myself, such as remembering to change the direction of the inequality when dividing or multiplying a negative number in an inequality equation, or when figuring out how much interest each of Joe’s bank accounts accrued, remembering to actually multiply the percentage by the rest of it, and so on.

Then, to be on the safe side, I made myself a little cheat-sheet of numbers 1-15 squared, cubed, and to the fourth power, since I knew we’d be having to simplify and/or solve some roots, it would just save time.

Then, I saved the most important note for the red ink on the back:

Always Remember...


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