Summer Quarter

There has been no build up to today. I’ve been so busy on my week off I have t even had time to consider getting any books! And even if I had, chances are I wouldn’t be able to afford them since none of my grant has been deposited into my Higher One account yet.

I had a terrifying moment arriving g on campus this morning and checking the a account only to find I only had the same $23 that was in there last quarter. I made it to the Financial Aid office in light night speed, terrified my tuition hadn’t been paid.

She looked up my account and began saying, “The reason your tuition hasn’t been paid….wait, no, we have all the right applications from you…they seem to have all been accepted….I don’t know why it hasn’t been paid.”

I think if I widened my eyes any more they would have popped out of my skull. No matter what, I would be attending class until they kicked me out, but this was a stress I was ill prepared to deal with.

She left for some extra help then came back. “Your tuition has been paid, I was reading it wrong. And the left over money will transfer to your Higher One account within a couple of days.”

Thank. F@&€.

The campus was so empty. I arrived an hour and a half early to battle the beginning-of-quarter rushes and lines, but it was completely empty. The first day of Spring Quarter, the student store had a line wrapping around the perimeter, and when I went to get my bus pass, there was one student just leaving, and that was it.

The halls were quiet, there were no high school Running Start students gossiping and laughing at tables, no one interacting with each other at all. The lunch area was like a library.

I went to get some food, and the shelves were practically bare. I wanted hard boiled eggs and the beautiful Greek Yogurt I’d been enjoying last quarter. The eggs were there, but my yogurt had been replaced with an over sweetened, funny Yoplait version, leaving me so I satisfied I couldn’t even make my way through the little cup.

So far this quarter I feel a little alone.



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