Adjustments and Scams

So far the second quarter has been interesting. My favorite part at this point is how easy it is to find a parking spot, though when my boyfriend comes home, that won’t be an issue since I’ll be back to riding the bus again. 

My English class is just what I need right now. Familiar territory, yet challenging. As I mentioned before, I have another blog as a result. I’m glad I have that class every day, I think it will be the one that keep me sane. 

I’m worried about my math class. I am good at math, and I never thought that I would have a teacher that would hinder my learning, but I think I’ve found one. Our first two days are supplemental material, that is, stuff that’s not found in the math book. That’s fine, our teacher last quarter did the same. However, she handed out the packets which had the material we were learning. This guy isn’t doing that. We just get the projector and if we’re on the wrong side of the class and can’t see – too bad! He skims through it very quickly, and I’m scrambling to take notes without any time to absorb how the method is working. 

Thankfully it’s fairly easy, though tedious practices. Just ratios and converting units. My favorite problem so far has been “If I’m filling a square five-gallon bucket at 5 drips per second, how long will it take to fill?” First of all, who doesn’t just turn on the tap and make it happen? secondly, I had to convert drops per second to drops per minute, convert minutes to hours, and then drops to liters then to gallons. Of course, there are a lot quicker and simpler ways to do it, but we need to show the entire process. 

What’s more, because we don’t have the supplemental material packet, I don’t have the answers to check my work. This is rather devastating to me since I am quite good at correcting myself and teaching myself – but I do need some point of reference along the way. Without that, I could be training myself completely incorrectly which will end up in confusion later – or worse! bad test scores. 

I’ll see how the first quiz treats me before I go and bug him about how I can get the most out of his class.

Inspite of the lengthy time sitting in class, I am looking forward to my communications class. I was a little put off by the idea that we had to come up with speeches and present them, but I think I can hack it. My biggest problem is that since the class is in the afternoon and for so long, usually my academic brain turns off around the 3 o’ clock mark, and anxiety sets in around then. If it becomes a problem, I of course will talk to her and let her know what’s going on, but I’m hoping that once my boyfriend comes home some of the anxiety will subside. 

In the mean time, I got some Bach Flower remedies gummies – they are excellent. I used them the last time I was caught up in anxiety a couple years ago due to a really awful roommate. They worked wonders. I’m hoping they’ll do the same thing for me now. 

I was tricked into a pyramid scheme meeting. I was offered the opportunity of employment, and the lady wanted to set up a meeting time. I met with her last night – wouldn’t tell me what it was all about, but vaguely said that I had to prove myself worthy in order to be trained to be successful with the ability to make $150k a year. I’m good, I’ll leave it. 

Too bad though, the lady was really neato, and I’d love to just chill with her. She lent me a book to read to inspire me. I thumbed through it and had to plug my nose due to the wreak of scam it emitted. Stanky Stanky scam!

Thankfully I have some sense in that department, if nothing else.


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