Procrastination Part II

I do it to myself over and over and I never learn. So I procrastinated once last quarter, and paid for it, but this quarter, this devious summer quarter that wants to wreak havoc on my sanity – nothing but procrastination. I blame it on the weather, partly.

Today I have a quiz in math, a group project I’m meant to be read up on in English and an introduction speech to be presented in my Communications class.

Had procrastination not been the case, no sweats would be given for this math quiz, I’d have already written the group paper in my English class, and my introductory speech would have been done and memorized two weeks ago, when it was assigned.

I always thought that the whole pressure of the summer quarter was a myth, something other students instilled in the rookies to psych them out. There is no rhyme or reason this should be so difficult!

The excuse is that the quarter is shorter, that it’s six weeks instead of ten. However, this summer quarter seems to go against the norm of summer quarters and is eight weeks long. All my classes are longer In length as well. In fact, my math class is double the time as last quarter, daily, and my Communications class is three hours. This means that while last quarter I spent 13.25 hrs In the classroom a week, I have 18 hours per week in the class, which is 144 hours for this quarter vs 132.5 hours for spring quarter.

I am bogged down and never again will I go full time summer quarter.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination Part II

    • Indeed! It’s what I tell myself every day. But for some reason, I seem to have momentarily (at least, I hope it’s momentary) lost my focus. I have been working on honing my sights in on what is directly in front of me, which has been a tricky task!


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