How To Cope With The Mini-Freak-Outs

Yesterday I had a bout with overwhelming anxiety. Knowing that I have a test in math coming up, a rough draft of a paper that I hadn’t even started was due today – never mind that my group was relying on me to write my section and contribute to the over all paper, and that I had a speech I had only written that morning and had to present only hours later –

I nearly ran to the scheduling office and dropped all my classes and said “F%*# it!” to summer quarter. 

However, I forced myself to pull it together, which was extremely difficult as my pieces have been scattering all over campus all quarter. 

I made a list of everything I had to do and get done within the next 48 hours, then numbered them in order of importance and by class. 

Five things. There were five things on that list. None of them were outlandish. None of them were things I wouldn’t be able to achieve without the proper management of my time – and I knew that I could do that as well. 

I looked at that list. It looked pathetic. At that moment I realized that I had let fear take hold of me, and fear cast it’s vision spell over me and made monsters out of flies. 

Of course my paper is important, and the math test is something that I should study for, and I should be prepared for my speech – but the reality is that my communications teacher is going to be going easy on is as the speech is a jump off point to build upon. The paper due is the first of many rough drafts, and I’ve done the reading. And the math test – it’s on graphing. I was freaking out about lines. 

Seeing everything written on paper and organized, I was able to breathe. 

The best solution I can tell any one is to just make a list. Write down how much time you expect to need to complete each item, and make a schedule to plan on dealing with them. And remember that the monsters that are threatening to crush you and eat you, are just flies, hoping you won’t do the same to them.


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