For about a week now, perhaps a few days more, I’ve been without Facebook. Well, there should be an asterisk by that statement – I have my business account for a business that no longer exists, which is how I keep the pages I’ve made up and running, but my personal one is gone.
As far as distractions goes, that one surely tops the cyber charts. It really is just a little bit useless, and I don’t need it on my circulation of buttons I tap on my phone when I go to check they time. I was contemplating doing it during finals of last quarter but never got around to it.
I am realizing many things to do with Facebook, both good and bad.

  1. Pro: As mentioned before, I have a lot less to distract my attention
  2. Con: Facebook was my main source of contact, especially since getting a new phone last fall, I don’t have as many peoples’ numbers
  3. Pro: I don’t have to deal with as much Facebook drama
  4. Con: I can’t promote events and local businesses whom I support. They deserve shout-outs and recognition, and the good word to be spread, but I lot my main vein of mass communication.
  5. Con: I don’t get any of the cool pictures of when what I was doing, and I find myself taking pictures less because I have few social media outlets to share them on. Otherwise they just sit on my phone and do nothing.
  6. Con: People are worried about me. I gave about 12 hours of notice to let people get ahold of me and give me their contact details, and the majority of people sent me texts and messages asking if everything was alright. Though, also a Pro – it means they love me 🙂
  7. Con: I’m left out of the majority of the things I’m otherwise involved in. I was helping out with an event and a part if a few group chats to help organize. When I deleted my account, I missed many of the details that would have been helpful.
  8. Pro: The government will own less of my information, and I won’t be a part of any more Facebook experiments

Should you delete your Facebook? Well, it depends on what   you’re using it for. I personally rarely go on my business account because it’s filled with people I don’t know. Because of this, I don’t care what people are posting or what’s going on. However, again for business purposes that are not related to the business page I have (let’s not get too complicated here), I do need it to help organize, which is the majority of what I want it for.

There is a pretty large possibility that I’ll reactivate it. I just want to be sure that my addiction is broken, and that I’m less reliant on my phone.

How do you view Facebook? Are you addicted? What do you use it for?


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