Fall Quarter 2014

Thanks to my wonderful friend who inspired me to go back to school in the first place, I learned that I could have registered for Fall classes back in June (something she just realized as well). At first I panicked, just like she did, since that just threw the doors wide open for missed opportunities of desired classes. It’s always a rat-race to get the ones you’re after before some one else does.

However, I happened to be near a computer when she told me, and I was able to register there and then for my fall classes – and get all but one that I wanted! (The one I didn’t get wasn’t scheduled for Fall quarter. It’s alright, I’ll get it Winter quarter)

So, beginning September something-or-other, I’ll be doing French I, English 150 – Intro to British literature, and Math 99. I’m really excited for my English class, which was my alternative to the class I couldn’t get, and French. French should be easierer purely because I took three years of it in High school and was good at it. But then again, I was good at math in high school too, and look at me struggle! Either way, I have a passion for linguistics, and French has always been something I gravitate back to. 

The best part is – my latest class is out at 2:30. No more days going from 10am-5!


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