Grade Update

This quarter is seemingly disasterous. The only class I have any grades in so far is my English Class, and that’s at a B+ becuase I diidnt’ see that a rough draft was due, the one day that I missed. I spoke to my teacher about, and he’s not worried as far as my grade goes. It’s my English teacher that I have such an excellent report with. Granted, the assignments we’ve had to turn in are few and far between, but as the assignments go, the grade will rise. 

Every day in my Communications class is a struggle, as I mentioned before. Though yesterday after my English class I immediately began to feel anxiety at having to go in. It just built and built. I was late to class, and turns out got points docked on the research my groupe was doing for our speech becuase it was due right as class started. The guy that causes me anxiety in our group ended up being there as well, though he wasn’t that bad yesterday. 

The research assignement was the first assignment we actually had to turn in in that class, so my grade is whatever that assignment has been graded at. 

My math class I am still behind on, though I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can mask that I feel behind. We’re getting into chapters that we did last quarter, so it’s giving me some breathing room. Apparently I missed a question on our first test from Monday, and when he handed them back out yesterday he gave me the chance to do that problem so he could ad it to my grade, which was very nice of him. 

I don’t get to see that grade though, he doesnt use the magic online grade-viewer program that my other two teachers use (our college uses Canvas, but I hear of other programs such as Study Blue and the like), so I have’t a clue how I’m doing in that class.

I feel slightly defeated. I feel like I’m trying to claw my way up a steep muddy hill while it’s pouring down rain, and that I’m never going to get to the top where that shining 4.0 stares down at me. It is so important to me that I get that grade. 



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