Resurrecting the dead

We are exploring the idea of contingency, or the absolute in my English class, concepts brought forth and pushed by _____________ Meillassoux (I can’t remember his first name off the top of my head), a French modern philosopher.
His idea is that the universe and everything which compiles it – every idea, art form, star, atom and so on – is on an ever changing path. This includes laws of nature, physics and man, more specifically the law that states that everything must die at some point. He says that we should prepare for this. He even entertains the idea that the natural law which affirms that once dead, a thing must stay dead.
He speaks of a fourth world, one that is a World of Justice. In this world we can resurrect the dead in some form or another (we haven’t gotten that far yet), and since they have lost life and regained it, they can focus on things of importance: the pain and love of friendship, love and creation (art).
I’m looking forward to writing more on this as I come across it


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