It’s Time

My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth. I have experienced a lot of change which left me somewhat devistated, though it’s not something I am willing to go into at the moment. But I am no longer associated with the video production company or its affiliates, which leaves more time for school and other such things. I’m faring far better than I was a few weeks ago, and the proof is that I’m writing again.

And since for some the school year has already begun for some, though not for college students, its time for me to be back on the horse with my own tips and tricks I have been acquiring through my own schooling journey.

First, I’ll fill you in on how the story of the worst quarter I have experienced ended.

As I mentioned in posts before, my Communications class was causing me quite a lot of anxiety, part of which was due to a particular member in my group. And it was actually just after my blog entry about him that I had an altering moment in class with him. We were all stressed out over the mid term, our speech that was due and so on, and he came to us, sat down and said, “I’m going to level with you guys, I haven’t had a chance to touch on any of this.”

Suddenly, this scary, driven, intimidating, serious kid became human. I saw that he was stressed out just as much as we were, and the fact that he was struggling as well took him off the mountainous pedestal and put him on the same playing ground as the rest of us. After that I eased up, and my anxiety attacks related to that class stopped.

Don’t get me wrong – the class was still highly demanding and exceedingly stressful, and anxiety did occur, though not as intense and not enough to put me into tears.

A very valuable lesson was learned in that: It’s very easy to build up an idea about someone in your mind and run with it, especially when you’re in a particularly fragile state. It’s easy to forget that people are people and probably experiencing their own trials.

On the last week of Summer quarter I had due a ten minute speech, my Communications Final, a group portfolio (the combination of the three equated to 2/3rds of our grade), another movie for my English class along with an Anotated bibliography and an essay – the combination of the two was meant to be approximately 16 pages – and of course my math final. 

I worked hard, getting little more than 4 hours of sleep a night trying to finish everything on time. Granted, I too am the master of procrastination, which I am sure counted against me. However, I somehow managed to get everything done. And with great. reward:




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