Gearing up for Fall

It’s September (Already???), which means the air is cooling to manageable temperatures, the leaves are growing crisp and changing to those beautiful colors, and of course, the time for college courses is becoming uncomfortably close.

Here are my tips for your school shopping:

  • Find out what books your can rent from the book store.
    Books are expensive. I have grant money to cover mine and I still shudder when I look at the costs of my books. My useless Communications text book was $80 – used – and I hardly used it, nor did the book store want to buy it back. Renting will still cost you money, but a fraction of the cost.
  • Wait until you’ve had your first day in class before you get your books.
    More often than not your teacher will tell you how much they plan on using it. The board of the department will tell a teacher if a specific book is to be used, and a teacher has to tell the students of this book, but if they teacher doesn’t like it, they will more than likely tell you so. In these cases, usually they have one on hold in the school library for you to check out. This was what I did during my Journalism class my first quarter. We were allowed to check out text books for two hours at a time, which was more than enough time to do the required reading. And it doesn’t cost a thing!
  • Don’t buy a graphing calculator.
    At least, don’t buy it until you find out whether or not you can get one from the library. I went to get my graphing calculator from the student store, and it was nearly $150! They recommended I check one out from the library. It was completely free and I was able to keep it until the last day of the quarter. Thank goodness this option was available – that calculator was virtually useless to me during the quarter.
  • Keep and Eye on the announcement boards from Students.
    Often students are looking to help other students out and will sell or even give away their old text books. This will help to both meet new people and get some supplies on the cheap. You can also gain some information about the class you need the book for as well.

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