Alumni Advice: Tips on Academic Success

Thank you Northwest Community College Initiative for the Great information!

Northwest Community College Initiative

The students in the 2014-2015 Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) program are in the middle of their pre-academic program and are getting ready to start classes at Edmonds Community College, Pierce College and Whatcom Community College in a few weeks. Here’s some advice from former NWCCI students on how to be successful in the U.S. classroom. You can also read the first two installment of alumni advice here and here


  • Plan and choose your certificates well because it has a large impact on what courses you’ll be taking. – Amreen Mushtaq, Indian
  • Volunteer in class discussions. – Rosemond Djan, Ghana
  • It is really important that you attend your classes and never miss them as most of them are graded. – Tshepo Mboni, South Africa
  • Take classes which you did not or will not have in your country. – Claudia DuPlessis, South Africa
  • Don’t overload yourself with too many credits. 15…

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