My terrifying feat of the night!


Allow me to retale my story – The glass makes it look smaller – it was the size of my head and I needed a spear to slay it! Then it’s fangs launched forward, and in the nick of time I was able to karate chop them mid air. But what did I spy from the corner of my eye – but the beast lived on! Each leg trudged forward toward me, new fangs re-grown. In a spurt of insanity it flung itself at me, a trail of yellow blood splattering across the carpet – I saw my life flash before my eyes! My goose was cooked! But then – Boot attacked – his cute, furry, yet deadly kitty claws tearing the Exo-spine from the mutant arachnid. In a splash of spider guts and spindly legs, my life was saved!

This is just the beginning.


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