Reviewing My Math

The days are dwindling down to the first day of  the Fall quarter – I have a week left of my summer break before I need to get my head thoroughly burried in the books.

I’m beginning to warm up, attempting to get my brain focussed again. I’d like to say that I’m attempting to get myself back into the right sleep schedule, but that would be a lie – and how could I lie to you, Dear Reader! However, I am mentally preparing to start getting up at 6 again.

Today I find myself speding time with my mocha and reviewing the last two quarter’s worth of math. I have written about doing so in the recent past, but I think I’d really like to drive the point home, the necessity of it.

As I have complained about in the past, this summer quarter was insane and far more demanding than I had thought. Granted, with my personal issues getting in the way and causing quite a distraction (break-ups will do that to you, especially when it means relocating to another town without a car), my brain wasn’t entirely in the game from the get-go.  The quarter was not nearly as short as Bellingham Technical College’s quarter – who only had six weeks while we had eight – but the quarter fit like a shoe two sizess too small – uncompfortable and crippling if one was not careful.

With math as my main focus (at least in this entry) – I found the class to go faster than necessary, with a teacher who taught too quickly for his students to take notes on their own, so he supplied notes with a fille-in-the-blank style. This isn’t how I learn in the slightest, as I spent too much time listening to the key terms to complete my notes with that I wasn’t able to put the concepts together at all.

With the rest of my classes so demanding and the poor schedule planning on my part (only half an hour between classes, and one of the classes running until 5pm), I found mmyself opting away from doing my math homework. When tests came around I furrowed my brow with heaving frustration and swore loudly at my mathbook and threw my pen across the room several times. Yet somehow – some unspeakable unknowing how – I passed every test and quiz with nothing less than an A (except the one time I got an 80%, but was cancelled out by the one 100% I got), and recieved an A in the class.

I assure you, I am as surprised as you are!

The ending result of all this stress and strife of the last quarter? Well I’ll tell ya!:

I have’t a Goood God Damn Clue what the Hell I just learned and got an A in.

So now, in my last week of basking in actually having days off (do remember, I still sling goat cheese on the weekends at Farmers Markets), I am scrambling trying to study and figure out what was covered.

Whatsmore annoying and perhaps even embarassing – amidst my confusion during the last quarter, I couldn’t recall even the basic foundations of what I learned during Spring Quarter. So no, in order to get anywhere I am finding myself reviewing the entire book from Chapter 0 through to Chapter 11.

Is there a moral to this story? Perhaps – there were a couple times that I was overwhelmed and missed class. I truly believe that contributed to the domino effect of my lack of understanding or retention. Also, do you freaking homework – and do it as soon as you can after class. It definitely contributes to the commitment of concepts to memory.  As I mentioned before, I only had half an hour between each class this last quarter in contrast to the quarter previous where I had an hour to an hour and a half between classes, allowing me enough time to do my math homework right away.

With a little luck this quarter will go smoother. My feathers are still ruffled from the last three months, but are being soothed slowly, and with the continuation of the events which have been soothing my feathers, I will hopefully be able to find myself less distracted, more focussed, and in less emotional turmoil – because let’s face it, you can be as logical and focussed as you want, but when your brain releases those emotion chemicals, it can sometimes mean game over.

So while I grunt and growl over my math review, I raise my mocha and cheers all the returning students and wish them luck on the new quarter and new school year.


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