The Pen will Help Your Memory

I have been saying this for years and years and years – if you want your writing to be effective – whether the therapeutic purposes of journaling or committing something to memory – you have to write it down the old fashion way: with pen and paper.
Here is an article published on Huffington Post which outlines just why that is:

‘”Study after study suggests that handwriting is important for brain development and cognition,” argued a 2010 article from The Week, citing work from University of Wisconsin psychologist Virginia Berninger, who has tested school-age children and found they tend to generate more ideas when composing essays by hand, rather than on the computer. “Writing entails using the hand and fingers to form letters … the sequential finger movements activate multiple regions of the brain associated with processing and remembering information,” echoed Wade.’

Read More: The Benefits of Writing with Good Old Fashioned Pen and Paper


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