A Waste of Learning Space?

This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you So much Posts of Hypnotic Suggestion! As many students enter into the new quarter and new school year, this will be extremely helpful – and be less wasteful of paper (something I feel very guilty about on a regular schooling basis).

Posts of Hypnotic Suggestion

One of the most common issues I come across whilst coaching professionals in enhanced Learning Skills is a tendency to create copious volumes of notes. As a learning technique, it’s counter-productive and quickly overloads the brain.

There is another way.

Voluminous note-taking is a technique I often used before I learned how the human brain receives, stores and recalls information. Like many others, I would make detailed notes, brighten them up with judicious use of highlighter pens, realise that there was still too much information to learn and proceed to make notes of my notes. I think I expected the act of writing and rewriting to embed the knowledge for me.

In the end my brain would jump up and down and protest, insisting it was an impossible task and why can’t we take a break and go for a coffee.

It seems that there are two common drivers for…

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2 thoughts on “A Waste of Learning Space?

  1. Hi there! (I looked at your Gravatar – are you Nicola?)
    Thanks so much for reblogging this post, it’s a great compliment when others feel that something I’ve written is worth sharing further.
    There’s so much more to learning well than meets the eye, don’t you think?
    Keep in touch (I’m following your blog now, by the way).
    Wishing you the very best


    • Yes, I am Nicola 🙂 how could I not reblog – especially when my blog is geared toward the learning experience. This was a great idea, and I appreciate that you shared it 🙂
      Take care, Tony!


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