My First Day of Fall Quarter

I think I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. While I have of course already gone through my first two quarters, there is something different about coming to this one. Perhaps it’s the break – after all, I only got one week between Spring and Summer Quarter, and this time I have had three weeks. In actuality I think it’s the tradition of starting school in the fall. There’s the scent of the crispening leaves in the air, the slight chill in the morning, and the freshness of a new school year blooming.

This feeling will last for all of a month. Once the rain sets in and it starts getting miserable out, I’ll be longing for Spring Quarter. However, for the moment, I am excited for this one.

I start off my day on campus actually with catching up with friends – the friends I swore up and down that I would not make for fear of distracting from my school work (that didn’t happen so much that I might actually be moving in with a friend I made last quarter.), then heading to my French 1 class. I am thrilled for this class. During my running start days I attempted it, but mostly so I could have the language credits under my belt for college, however, I was already taking French at the high school, German at the college, and I even entertained the idea of Spanish for two weeks – all during the same year.

Now that nearly ten years has gone by, I think it will be fun and appropriate for me to take French, especially if I am able to take it all the way to French 7 as I hear tell they offer.

Originally when I woke this morning, I was going to make myself a big hearty breakfast –  my favorite breakfast really of rich and brusselsprounts, a fried egg, almond and so on. However, while I got up with a plenty a time to cook it, I realized that a) I’m still full from the massive dinner I had last night and b) Why waste the first day of the quarter? After all, generally speaking, most teachers understand that you probably don’t have your books yet, and will simply just introduce themselves, and have you introduce yourself and explain what the quarter is going to look like. The exception to this rule is during Summer quarter when there isn’t enough time to waste on introductions. So today, I opt for some nice organic coffee, Greek yogurt and a hard boiled egg.

Through my excitement and preparations, I am a bit apprehensive. After all, my Financial Aid hasn’t come through yet, and while I could swear up and down – and I even think I blogged about this months ago – that if your financial aid hasn’t come through by the first day of class you are to pay for it out of pocket and wait for it to come through to reimburse you. I posted my concerns on Facebook the other day, and had many more seasoned students assure me that it will come in the day after the first day of class. Since the last two quarters I have gotten it about a week before the first day of class – well, that was true for spring quarter, but only a couple days before summer quarter – I’ve been a bit dubious to believe it.

However, yesterday I stopped by the college to make sure my money would be there and I would be able to get my books and go to class. The Financial Aid office assured me that yes, I would get it on the first day of class (today), and that it isn’t allowed to be disbursed to students until then. What?

Well, while it is nearly 6:30 a.m., I haven’t gotten my Financial Aid (If you’re getting it through your Higher One account, it will send you a text when it comes through). Granted, the banks are only open on the East Coast at the moment, so it makes sense (vaguely) that I wouldn’t have it yet. It is however quite nerve-wracking – and a little annoying! After all, I still need to get my books, if nothing else – and the lines at the beginning of the quarter at the student store are insane!  You can expect to stand there for the better part of an hour if I’m being optimistic about it.

Either way – the excitement for the day rings true and in three hours I will be in my French Class. I’m practically giddy!


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