Therapy of Daily Journaling

I came across this article, and thought it was wonderful.

I got my first journal when I was 8, and still have it. I wrote in it sparatically, but eventually the habit formed into a daily routine. When things upset me deeply – tramatizing house mates, breakups, and so on – I fall out of the routine. It is only when I begin journaling again that I can pick myself back up again.

I often tell my friends that are going through hardships to keep a journal, or at least to write everything out, even if they burn it afterwards. It has so many theraputic aspects to it, and helps sort out the mind and emotions. Often times I don’t realize what I feel or think until I start putting it to paper. It allows my thoughts to be organized and take that step back to see everything outside of my head.

As a writer I feel it is extrememly important to write daily as well, simply for the exercise, of course.

However, this article outlines other benefits of writing every day for twenty minutes, and they’re more than I could have ever imagined. What’s more, it’s all sciency and the like.

“It turns out writing can make physical wounds heal faster as well. In 2013, New Zealand researchers monitored the recovery of wounds from medically necessary biopsies on 49 healthy adults. The adults wrote about their thoughts and feelings for just 20 minutes, three days in a row, two weeks before the biopsy. Eleven days later, 76% of the group that wrote had fully healed. Fifty-eight percent of the control group had not recovered. The study concluded that writing about distressing events helped participants make sense of the events and reduce distress.”

Read More of “Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love To Write” Here


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