So Productive and It’s Not Even Noon

As has been the pattern so far this week, starting the day off with French has put me in a grand mood – despite the rain. Though the rain did encourage me to bust our my boots and get myself all done up to go along with the boots, which lead to compliments at the start of the day as well – which every girl adores.

Since I managed to transfer into my online math class, I have no other classes for the day, so I was able to take care of a few other things before I head home. I managed to get my essays printed and turn in my application to work in the Writing Center – which will hopefully yield me some good quality, on-campus, weekday work – and I made the steps to try and get some of my Running Start grades taken care of.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I was an ass-hole student when I was in Running Start. I was one of those kids that gave the extremely excellent program a bad name. I took advantage of the system. As a result, I left here with a pretty abysmal GPA. Now that my quarterly GPA is amazing since I’ve given myself the time and space to mature and be more focused, this sad GPA is really bringing me down.

I left with a 1.92. Yeah. I wasn’t joking when I said abysmal.

I have two quarters of 4.0’s, and what does my accumulative GPA show? a 2.62.  I know it takes time to bring it up, especially since I’m battling against 5-6 quarters of slack-assary, but it is a little disheartening when I look at the hard work I’ve done to see something less than a 3.0.

So the process I took was a Petition to Exclude Former Grades…or something along those lines. I have to meet three criteria in order to be considere:

  1. The grades have to be from at least 3 years ago or earlier (my latest of the grades was 9 years ago, so I am quite good there)
  2. There has to be an interruption in education (I haven’t been to school in 9 years,  so I’m pretty certain that counts)
  3. I have to have taken at least 25 credits since returning to school with a 2.0 average (With the last two quarters I have 30 credits under my belt with a 4.0 average)

Now, is this an option in all colleges? I have no idea. Would this be the criteria for other colleges? I haven’t the faintest.

While the grades will be excluded from my GPA, they will still be seen on my transcript. When I go to transfer to a University, these classes and grades will be seen, which is just fine with me. I looks good to show the maturity and transitions you’ve made, or so I hear. And I think the effort that I’ve gone through to get them to not count towards my cumulative GPA shows the care and pride I take in my grades as well.

Now, here’s the drawback:

  • I cannot pick and chose the classes I want to exclude, I have to pick a quarter and all the quarters before that will be excluded as well.
  • I will have to retake any of the classes/credits that fall into the exclusion period.

Both of these things are fine with me. The only classes I passed were ones I liked – German 1, 2, and 3 (and I’m getting those credits taken care of by taking French), two different creative writing classes (Oh no! I have to write creatively again?), and a computer science class – which if that falls into a category of necessary credits, I’ll find an alternative to it. Computer Science was the one exception to the rule of passing classes I liked.

Now I am just winding down and waiting for my bus home so I can take a nap before going on to do my homework.


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