A HUGE First

Ther have been two bouts of goods in my life over the last week and a half. One is far more worth singing about than the other, so I shall start with the kinda cool thing that I think only excites me:

finally procured a car. There’s a little bit of the One-Up value to it as well, since I was told that I would not find a car which reaches my criteria for under $1500. Well, My criteria were: must be a hatch back, must be a manual, and must get at least 30 mpg.

Enter Maud. I found Maud via Craigslis, and she is a 1994 ford escortsport wagon, a manual, and averages at 34 miles per gallon. And I love her. And she was only a grand – and the lady that sold her to me was her only owner as well. Win all around!

Like I said, not very exciting.

Howeve, the next bit of good news is a huge step for me, something which is more proof that I am on the right track. I finally got my first job involving writing.

This is the whole reason I wanted to get a degree – so that I could be paid to somehow be involved with the written word.

It technically counts as work study, and I don’t know how long it will last, but for the time being, I now work in the college’s writing center, helping students construct and write essays. I am thrilled. Words cannot express how truly thrilled I am.

This will not only be helpful because I really need a job (My goat cheese hours have just been cut in half now that one of the markets has closed for the season), but because this will look great on a college application as well.

With a little luck, I’ll be given the opportunity to prove my worth and they will keep me on for quarters to come. But for the moment, my W-4 is turned in and my information in the system – I officially work with writing.


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