The Second Job and Unemployment

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my financial situation as a student, aside from the odd comment here and there. Well, since my financial situation has altered slightly and I am sure I am not the only one to fall into this predicament, I thought I had best bring you along this stretch of the educational journey.

A recap:
I was laid off in February 2014 and decided to use this opportunity to go to school. Since the degree I am going for isn’t a “trade”, technically I shouldn’t be collecting unemployment. However, my advisor at the college told me not to lie to the unemployment office, though not to offer up the information that I’m going back to school, either. In the process of getting myself all set up for school, I continued on with my job searches, keep a written record of them all, and I even managed to get a job selling goat cheese on the weekends at farmers’ markets.

The Recent:
After having a busy and somewhat stressful summer, the season for the farmers’ markets is coming to a close. While the market that I work at on Saturdays is still open through to December 20th, my Sunday market is no more. The pressure has been on to find a way of replacing those hours. I had been bouncing back and forth with the idea of attempting a waitressing gig, or even going back to my old job (which I loved) as support staff for adults with developmental disabilities – though I worried about the potential workload affecting my school work.

Thankfully, after five long weeks of waiting, I finally heard back from the Writing Center at the college, and I am hired! Hurrah! The hours I would be accumulating are equal to the hours I lost from my other market (on average).

And here is where it gets a little bit complicated for the two-semi-part-time-job-working-on-unemployment-student: While doing my weekly filing for unemployment online, it asked me if I only had worked for the one employer. I said no, that I had worked for a second employer. When I got to file for the first time stating that I finally had a job with Gothberg Farms, it just had me enter in the job details onto the page and it was sorted. However, it is now wanting me to call Unemployment and give them the details. Until I do so, my unemployment is suspended.

I won’t lie, I’m pretty scared. I don’t know what kinds of questions they will ask, or how I should answer. I ought not to lie, but if I don’t answer these questions in just the right way, then I will lose my unemployment for being a student.

Course of Action: I will make an appointment with my advisor today at the college and see what words of wisdom he might be able to bestow upon me. I am not qualified at this moment to make this phone call without botching it up.

My advice to any student in this predicament: Ask for help, ask for helpask for help, ask for help!

This is not to say that I am attempting to be dishonest or scam the system. No, not at all. As I mentioned before, I am following to the T what my college advisor advised that I do. There was no interpretation, he literally gave me step-by-step instructions to do just this.

Wish me luck!


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