Pot’s Gunna Save The World


Yesterday’s elections added Alaska and Oregon as well as Washington DC to the Legalized Recreational Marijuana club. This is huge, and with DC now in this group, it’s really not long before the rest of the states and the federal government follow suit.

I’m not a big user – in fact, I generally only put it to use during extreme anxiety attacks, though more often than not I try to cope on my own. However, this is something that I feel very strongly about.

While it is also excruciatingly important that the legalization of recreational marijuana leaves medical marijuana out of it, and just let’s medical do its own thing, these are positive steps int eh right direction. This country is heavy on crimes that ought not to be crimes, putting people behind bars which takes up resources, space and costs money – never mind the damage it does the peoples’ lives.

It has a huge potential economical benefit as well, which is really what I think won over these locations this election. Taxes are high on it at the moment, but I think they will settle down, just as with alcohol, but it definitely creates jobs in many areas (growers, manufacturers of growing supplies, harvesters, processors, chefs, extractors, etc). Eventually, it should lead to the legalization of the growth and use of hemp and all it’s MILLIONS of ecological and economical benefits. That’s the next hurtle, which will be tricky since it will be in direct competition with oil.

However, if we keep on this track, I have a more optimistic view of the future, and think maybe, just maybe, if we can get all this rolling quick enough, we might be able to save ourselves from our own destruction.


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