Learning in the Writing Center: Not Just a One-Way Street

This outlines perfectly what my first experience working in the Writing Center was. This is a great post about the inner workings of a brand new writing-reader.

Marshall University's Writing Center Blog

Imagine you are a brand new writing center tutor, your very first day on the job, with nothing under your belt except a few class discussions, some readings on tutoring by English scholars, and a couple first-hand experiences from classmates. You sit down at the computer and your first appointment is an online session with an ESL student. Your heart is racing, your mind is spinning, and your palms are sweating. You are so nervous to take this first step, yet so excited. This is exactly what happened to me on my very first day in the writing center.

I have had many different experiences since my first day as a writing center tutor. I remember specifically my very first appointment was an online session with an ESL student. I reverted back to some of our very first discussions in class about working with ESL students. The idea of helping…

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