Writing Excuses

There might have been a time when I wrote about this, but, should the be the case, it is certainly is worth writing about again.

I’m a great fan of silence in the car – or at least, I was when I was still working for Think Piece Productions and we were constantly going to shows to film. Now my tastes have changed, and I enjoy a little bit of noise while I’m driving. For the most part, unless I’m listening to French Canadian radio, I find that most of it is rubbish (and the French Canadian radio could be rubbish too for all I know, I listen to it to improve my comprehension skills. The other  day I was able to make out that they were talking about Canadians coming into Bellingham (That’s my town) to buy pot legally (because Bellingham is in Washington State, where it’s legal)).

My brother, on the other hand, swears by listening to podcasts. I’ve only really ever found one that I’ve enjoyed listening to, and that’s Writing Excuses.


I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be a fictional writer (I’m sure there’s some non fiction stuff in there, I just haven’t come across it yet). The podcast is four writers discussing various topics about writing – from style to publishing to character development, to the editing process – and so on. There’s 9 seasons of it so far, and each episode is 15-20 minutes in length. Not only do they give you tricks, but they also give you recommendations on good books per each episode, and give you a writing prompt at the end.

Honestly, go check it out, give it a couple episodes, and tell me you don’t find it useful. Go on, I dare you.

Do you have any Podcasts you frequent?




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