Blogging Three Quarters Down the Line (A Musing)

I was going back through old entries, trying to find a post I made regarding Character development, and I realized how much my posts on this blog have gone down hill. First of all, the attention this blog receives is sparse, optimistically speaking (in comparison to the beginning), and the quality of the entries are – well, not what they were (if it could be considered quality to begin with).

A lot has changed since I started this blog – in February? March? – and while I embrace the potential lessons that change offers, I don’t adjust well to unwarranted or forced change. As a result, my writing has always suffered.

However, too, school has been occupying quite a bit of my attention – as I had anticipated it would. Can I say that it occupies enough of my attention to entirely neglect my blog? No, not at all. But fitting everything else in around school has left me strained for energy, and with the reserves I manage to tap into, I put toward maintaining my sanity.

That being said, I do have five weeks of winter break coming up, and with that time I can hopefully go back to my former routine, and come up with a system which allows me more blogging time, with useful and more entertaining posts, ones that are not all complaint and winge, but of lessons learned, colleges looked into, progress made, and so on.

To exist within the realms of this reality is to have setbacks. My apologies that these setbacks were at the expense of you, dear Reader.


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