Finals Week Relief

My finals weeks got a lot less hectic, which is extremely nice. Initially I thought it was all review yesterday, then today part one of my French final and then my math final, along with extra hours in the Writing center (since that’s what happened last week), then the second part of my French final tomorrow, extra hours in the Writing Center and then finish my essay and turn it in by midnight and be done.

Well, turns out that not only are extra hours not needed in the Writing Center today (though, it could change once I get in for my shift, who knows!) but for some odd reason, there is no French class today, and thus tomorrow is the first day of the French exam.

This leaves me an extra our this morning to work on my essay (as you can see I’m doing), and then I have all afternoon after my shift to ensure I know enough of my Math test to pass it before I take it this evening at 5:30pm…I might have to take a nap somewhere in there.

Thank goodness for small favors during what I thought was going to be a painfully short Finals week!


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