Dislodging Blogging Block (NaBloPoMo)

In an effort to get back into daily blogging, I have been struggling to come up with things to write about! This is absolutely ridiculous – when I started this I had a hundred different things to write about and I couldn’t keep up with my ideas!

The inspiration certainly is not lacking. However, I feel like anything I would write about is less than what is going on in my mind. I’m reading and analyzing poems of the last 900 years from the UK, combining it with philosophical ideas from both current and past philosophers – and mentally preparing myself for the four classes I will be taking in five weeks including linguistics.

Yet anything I can think of to write outside of my essays (which I’m not certain I could get away with posting on here as they generally average 12 pages single-spaced) feels short of anything worthy of writing.

This equally sucks seeing as I’m wanting to write fiction – and will be participating in my own personal delayed NaNoWriMo starting the 7th (I know earlier I said the 6th, but there’s no way I’m going to get any writing done starting Saturday) – and I can’t come up with anything fictional to begin mentally developing prior that’s worth putting to paper.

While that’s simmering on the back burner, I went and looked for some inspiration as far as my blog entries go, just as a starting off point. I thought I’d share what I found to help other bloggers as well.

Blog Her has some great prompts for what they call National Blog Post Month, or NaBloPoMo. In fact, there is a different theme for each month, which provides for different aspects to consider for your blog posts.

December’s theme is Joy, which is a little bit too cheery for me, but I think I can follow suit with it. It is based on a Monday-Friday blogging week, which is less than I’d like, but then again, I have no qualms writing more than one post in a day and scheduling them to come out one each day.

If you fancy backtracking, the prompt for December 1st was: “What do you do when you’re down to bring yourself a little joy?”
The Prompt for December 2nd is “Talk about a surprise that made you happy.”

And the prompt for December 3rd is “What food always makes you feel happy while you’re eating it?”

So here’s something to get you blogging about joy for December 2014. Good luck bloggers, get inspired!


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